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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
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Sep 18, 2012 3:00am PDT
worked in iraq where you want to rebuild a country. >> or build. >> well, build, actually. you can't rebuild a country that is in the second century right now. >> it's hard to talk about. it's hard for the candidates to talk about. and if anything can be read into the mistake or the complete just disregard for the story, it would be in the fact that this wasn't even mentioned in mitt romney's speech. afghanistan, are troops serving our way forward in terms of foreign policy because it's too hard to talk about. i don't understand how they could forget it. they can't forget a huge sector of what's going on in this country. >> why not? >> they avoided it. you know why? because it's hard. and they don't think people want to hear about it. >> do you know why they avoided it? for the same reason the media has avoided it. >> i agree with that. >> other than the "new york times" and a couple other outlets, the media have avoided it, the american people have avoided it. you bring it up and everybody we've talked to over the past couple of years want us out of there. >> republicans especiall
Sep 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
know where to start. iraq was obviously a tragic detour. afghanistan now appears to be a tragic, endless war. what have we gotten? let's start by talking about what have we gotten right? what have these two administrations who seemed to be polar opposites but now seem to be tied together in their approach. what have they gotten right? >> it actually turns out we've gotten a lot right. you mentioned the fact there hasn't been a real follow-on to 9/11. and it's in part good fortune, in part good work, but also the terrorists lost their base in afghanistan after 9/11. bin laden has been killed. i thought what we saw in the arab world with all of the upheavals that no one was coming out there chanting al qaeda slogans. these guys know how to destroy, but they don't know how to create. they don't know how to inspire. i think in some ways we've learned as bad as 9/11 was, it wasn't a turning point because these guys don't represent an alternative. >> they did not start a revolution with 9/11. and in fact, they've lost the battle for the hearts and the minds of the arab world. >> there
Sep 17, 2012 3:00am PDT
or fourth bounce after some military action. what's the aftermath? and the great lesson of the iraq war, to a certain extent, the continuing afghan war is how do you deal with it two months later? four months later? a year later? and of course, in iraq, that was the problem year after year. and so with the lessons of what has occurred in afghanistan and iraq, there is -- i think and david knows more about this -- a great pause in the administration. let's see if we can avoid military action almost at any cost. >> david and bob, in that order, there's obviously a lot of reluctance on the part of the u.s. military to get involved in this there. we've seen reporting on this for the last few months where the pentagon's war gamed this out and thinks it's a very problematic scenario. so the question seems to me, at least in the immediate future, is what is the likelihood that either of you think that israel would go ahead and do this alone in the near term, meaning between now and election day? >> you know, john, that's just guessing. i mean, it's something under 50% in my mind. it's somethin
Sep 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
the president. he was down in talking not only the anniversary of the year in iraq and people make commitments all the time butch each said we'd get out of iraq and we did. he said we in virginia looking at it through our eyes, the president won virginia in 2008 when he was a neophyte running against a bona fide american war hero. this a battle tested president who made very difficult decisions. he's made tough decisions here and virginians respect him. >> are you confronted at all by voters as you make your rounds in the state with the feeling that some people express, a lot of people express, the weight of this war, being carried by almost when you're in the middle of two wars your guardsmen and women are getting redeployed repeatedly. i wasn't to the deployments, i went to the funerals, i went to afghanistan to see our guards men and women there. the military families with the relief that these repeated deployments is coming to an end. i know time between deployments is decreasing. at quantico they're not being given to start tomorrow. they're being told your active. >> first of all, i love
Sep 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
competing globally. gm number one in the world. we were in a war in iraq. the president committed to end the war. we've done that. our troops are coming home. osama bin laden was plotting against us each and every day. we don't have to worry about him anymore. if you look at how our country has moved forward, we are certainly moving in the right direction, but willie, there are certainly americans sitting around their breakfast table right now trying to figure out how to make ends meet, so our work is not done. we still have a long way to go. >> it's not just about the numbers. valerie, it's really about the perception and you're trailing significantly in [ inaudible ]. that's a big issue going into the campaign, is it not? >> this is what this convention is all about. it gives us an opportunity to really crystallize for the american people this stark contrast and it's their choice, what direction we want to go forward. i think the president in the course of this week, you're going to hear from so many speakers who talk about their life story and how this agenda moves their life forward,
Sep 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
, yemen, syria, iraq. afghanistan, pakistan. this is a battle going on in which i think what we have to do is be there on the side of the modern minded sensible people. it's going to be a very tough struggle in the meantime. >> how much about the way we look at these countries is colored by the last decade of experience in afghanistan and iraq. here in america and great britain, their civilians have been killed in these wars, we don't have the stomach to put our men and women in harm's way. do you think that colors the way president obama views these decisio decisions? >> well, it's always better to have a coalition together. but i think what's happening which is different now in the past couple of years from the previous ten is that we interveinte interve intervened, and so on. this time, it is -- these uprisings are coming from the street. these oppressive regimes are being cast off. but what we learned about the societies and i think you can see this very clearly from afghanistan, from iraq. when you lift the lid of this repression off out come pouring these religious, tribal, ethnic pr
Sep 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
prime minister decided to attack the nuclear reactor in iraq in 1981, we were condemned by the u.n., by the u.s. it took ten years to get a statement from the state department saying it was a smart move to destroy the reactor in iraq. >> let's get to it. what do you want to do? >> i want to make sure that our region is stable. in order to do that, we have to tell iran, we will not allow you to become nuclear. and if it takes a military action, we are willing. and i say we. it's not only israelis. not only jews against arabs. because of the values. because of democracy. and look at what's happening right now in egypt and in libya. those people are against the u.s. embassies because of the values that we represent. >> just to be clear, this is very important. you as deputy speaker of the knesset believe all other options have been exhausted and it's time for military action in iran? >> absolutely, but it should be a joint effort of the western societies and not only israel should take the burden to deal with this threat. >> well, how does america, which is out of money and has been
Sep 14, 2012 3:00am PDT
sweeping the middle east. demonstrations have erupted across 11 countries including iran, iraq and sudan. right now in cairo, protesters are gathering for a fourth straight day outside the u.s. embassy there. let's go live to cairo for an update on the situation with nbc's jim maceda. jim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, mika. well, right now it's relatively quiet compared to what we heard earlier this morning because prayers started about ten minutes ago. so we'll watch now how this unfolds after the prayers. there are several hundred protesters who set up camp overnight in tahrir square just down behind me to my right. they tried to make another move on the u.s. embassy early this morning. so there was more tear gas fired by riot police, thrown back by the demonstrators, some stone throwing. what we notice now is that there are huge concrete blocks cutting off access to the embassy just in case. there was also a march around tahrir square by a group of about 100 or 150 protesters. you hear that tear gas going off behind me. marching around, calling for -- chanting "god is great"
Sep 24, 2012 3:00am PDT
've done since i've came into office. i said i'd end the war in iraq. i did. i said that we'd go after al qaeda. they have been decimated in the fatah. that we'd go after bin laden. he's gone. so i've executed on my foreign policy, and it's one that the american people largely agree with. you know, if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> we're going to get to iran as well. the candidates were asked about that. but quickly, richard, on this question, explain the fine line the president is walking here, answering it. >> well, the president is out there defending his record. can i make a slightly related point on foreign policy? what's interesting to me is there's an area of overlap. the president goes out and says the egyptians are neither allies or adversaries. they're in between. if you heard romney last night, we've got to test the egyptians, see how they do with israel, how they treat christians and other groups within the society. we want so see whether they provide protection for our diplomats. he's basically saying this relationship is
Sep 13, 2012 3:00am PDT
the united states started its unfortunate adventures in the middle east by attacking iraq. >> david ignatius, dr. brzezinski talked about how the president was intimidated by israel before, now he's being provo provoked. tell me strategically, do you believe that netanyahu may be provoking or trying to back the president into a corner because he believes a military strike against iran may be imminent? >> i think the prime minister is pushing president obama to set an ultimatum. the phrase "red lines" is used, but it's really an ultimatum that he wants. i think the point that the obama administration needs to make is the president has already said a red line. he has said the united states will prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. not simply because it's a threat to israel, but because it's a threat to u.s. national security interests. in other words, this is our problem, our issue, our set of red lines. and i think he's going to need to say that one more time. netanyahu is demanding something much more immediate, a kind of trip wire that would almost force the u.s. into a quick war.
Sep 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
owns. he says it last night, i killed osama bin laden, i ended the war in iraq, i'm going to end the war in afghanistan for you. and just superficially in that arena, see the democratic hall, they're the ones waving the flags, chanting "usa" something a republican hall thas typicall owned. >> you think he should have saluted the troops, mitt romney, at least. >> no doubt about it. the big problem is -- the republicans look silly when they try to bash barack obama as weak on foreign policy. if barack obama -- as we've said around here, our biggest complaint about barack obama over the past three, four years is, he tripled the number of troops in afghanistan. he made promises on gitmo he didn't follow through on. he's launching drone attacks into one country offs here in the where we're not even engaged in war. i mean, we are now engaged in borderless wars all over the world. and so the republicans look silly when they say he's not strong enough. and apparently, sam, nobody has the guts to say, bring the troops home from afghanistan. >> there's a faction of the republican party tha
Sep 6, 2012 3:00am PDT
on the transition in iraq. could have skidded off in a bad direction. he's done -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's up to you guys as to why he gets a bad wrap. >> certainly not our fault. >> your heart is not big enough. >> this is a guy that relates to the middle class and working people in this country well and you'll see tonight he's going to do a great job. >> yes he will. >> when you talk to him -- >> david clutching the chuck todd button as he makes the case. >> because i'm looking for the chuck todd 2016 buttons. >> i love it. that's next. that's next. chuck. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> hey, david, thank you so much. >> sure. >> absolutely. >> coming up, an awkward moment on the convention floor where the democrats try to amend -- >> can i say this for the record. >> david axelrod you're my second favorite david as well. >> when biden talks -- >> when biden and you talk, does he hold your hand like and -- like this and look at you deeply in your eyes? >> he does that to me. >> he's great guy. we love joe. >> an awkward moment on the convention floor when democrats try to amend the
Sep 20, 2012 3:00am PDT
high among returning veterans from iraq and afghanistan that a bill like this gets voted down by 58-40? what was in the bill that caused 58 -- >> well, mike, that's a great question. first of all, is it's a temporary program. there's no such thing as a temporary program in washington. you know that. you've seen it. number two is if, in fact, we're going to start addressing the bigger economic problems of this country, you've got to quit playing felonious accounting with what you're doing, which is exactly what that bill did. it violated the budget control act. it violated paygo. it's exactly the same kind of -- pardon my word -- crap that congress has done for years that says one thing and does another. and so it was a gimmick. we knew it was a gimmick in terms of getting around the spending. it's time for us to start acting responsible. if we want to create another veterans program, we ought to do two or three things. one, we ought to know what's happening to the other job programs, all six of them. there already is a preference for hiring of veterans in this country. number three
Sep 21, 2012 3:00am PDT
process started with them. anbar uprising in iraq started with them. when it starts with them, we can provide the catering and at the margins be really helpful. when it doesn't start with them, we cannot make any progress that they themselves don't want to make, and that's really the difficulty right now. >> mr. friedman, i would suggest you not tell dr. brzezinski that he just provided the catering. he would call you stunningly superficial. >> oh, my. >> chuck todd from the middle east to middle america, mitt romney and barack obama going back and forth. but you look at the more state polls in swing states that mitt romney is falling further and further behind. the president keeps reaching the 50% threshold that's eluded him for so long. in wisconsin, paul ryan's home state, in colorado, a state that i still believe will end up going for mitt romney by a couple of votes. and in iowa, a state that romney has to win if he loses ohio, a state i just don't see romney winning, and all three states, the president's at 50%. >> no, look. this was a rough week when you look at romney. and whe
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)